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Whether you are a small self-media person, a website blogger, a designer, or a giant of the Internet, you will have a "Sword of Damocles" on your head, that is, don't use unauthorized Material, otherwise you may encounter copyright indictment and result in high claims.

In recent years, the lawsuits of image infringement have occurred frequently. Search engines have almost become the birthplace of image copyright disputes. When you search for picture material with "Google Images" or "Baidu Pictures", you think that "pictures come from the Internet" can be free. In fact, you may unwittingly search, download, and use copyrighted images, which may lead to copyright disputes and high claims.

Even if you use Google Baidu to search for images that are free of copyright, there will be "difficult to find high-quality images", and the efficiency is not high. The topic that I want to talk about today is how to find high-quality free and copyright-free pictures. First, I will recommend some free and free copyright-free website websites.

1. The best choices: the advantage is that the database is huge, updated regularly, the picture type is rich, and the access speed is fast.

  • KissCC0, CC0, provides millions of images for copyright free.

  • Pexels, CC0, provides massive HD shared picture material, updated weekly, and supports ultra-high definition water-free download.

  • PixaBay, CC0, with over 1.4 million images and videos, is fast.

  • [VisualHunt],( CC0, high-quality map, even the oversized image is free, support for color search.

  • [Unsplash],( CC0, free high-quality, high-resolution photographic photos, based on landscape photos, can be used as web material.

  • [PickPik],( CC0, a high aesthetic rating picture selected by artificial intelligence.

  • [Hippopx],( CC0, provides a variety of high-definition beautiful image downloads, support color search, support for multiple languages.

  • [],( CC0, advanced search function, photography authors are mostly, the website will be updated every day.

  • [Peakpx],( CC0, search for multiple free gallery websites, including more than 300,000 pictures, all pictures are CC0 agreement.

  • [LibreStock],( CC0, search for multiple free gallery sites to bring together search results.

The alternative choices: The advantage is that the resources are rich, but the picture type has a specific bias.

  • CleanPNG, CC, provides millions of images. Some of them are copyright free.

  • [FreeImages],( CC, a website that has been around for a long time, the free version of the picture is very good.

  • [EveryPixel],( CC, is the main artificial intelligence search, you can set the blank area of the filtered image.

  • [Stokpic],( CC0, high quality lifestyle, travel, goods, nature and other photo materials.

  • [PhotoCK],( CC0, Japan's copyright-free photo site, some Japanese, such as: Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, kimonos and so on.

  • [FindA.Photo],( CC0, allows users to search for images based on the color of the image and the image tag and source.

  • [AbsFreePic],( CC0, provides a free high-resolution image resource consisting of photographs uploaded by numerous photographers.

  • [FreeJPG],( CC0, Spanish photo sites, the images found are very different from other sites, supporting color search.CreativeCommons, CC, CC copyright official website, a search engine that specifically searches for CC copyright resources.

(Images: Free PNG)

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