The best 3 PDF readers for 2019. Absolutely free for personal use.

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With the promotion of the concept of paperless office, electronic document readers like Kindle, which can read literature and novels, have become an essential tool for reading enthusiasts. But for office workers, using Kindle is far less convenient than electronic reading software on PC, especially looking at electronic documents in PDF format. However, there are a variety of PDF readers on the market, and the functions are uneven. How to choose the right PDF reader?

In order to help the small partners to solve this trouble, Xiaobian today 3 different brands of PDF readers, friends can choose according to the introduction.

1. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is a compact and convenient (portable version of SumatraPDF.exe only 4M), fast start-up, open source free e-book reader, and supports reading PDF ePub MOBI CHM XPS DjVu CBZ CBR and other super-format documents. After the software is opened, it is a bit like the speed dialing of browsers such as Opera. Click on the historical document above to jump directly to the last viewed position. The reading experience is very good.

2. PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer, speed kills other PDF readers, especially when loading high-resolution scan files. The PDF-XChange Viewer is smaller and has a very low resource footprint compared to the official Adobe Reader.

In addition, its multi-tabbed browsing, converting PDF to images, batch search, advanced search and other functions is also very convenient, as well as powerful and eye-catching annotations. Professionals must have an overall performance.

3. Foxit PDF reader

Foxit PDF Reader not only performs PDF reading and viewing functions, but also makes simple editing operations on PDFs. It is very easy to add comments, add audio, video, and hyperlink text. Foxit PDF Reader has 475 million users in the world. A large number of world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Evernote, IKB, Nasdaq, JPMorgan Chase, Tencent, Baidu, Dangdang, 360, etc. are using Foxit's licensing technology. Or a general product.

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