Best 39 Classic Old Hindi Songs - Classic Bollywood Songs

Take a trip down memory lane with yet another superhit jukebox of Classic Bollywood Songs.

Classic unrequited love song with mournful melody.
Epoch-making song expressing love.
Lata Mangeshkar's masterpiece depicting the pain of unrequited love.
Passionate duet by the queen and king of vocals.
Infectiously romantic classic delivered masterfully by Rafi.
Kishore Kumar's contemplative ode to an empty life.
Warm, magnetic romantic song by Kishore Kumar.
Dreamy duet by the legendary vocal duo.
Kishore Kumar's joyful encounter with a stranger.
Kishore Kumar's passionate song of ardent love.
Kishore Kumar's nostalgic recollection of past love.
Kishore Kumar's sweet confession to his dream lover.
Melodic ode to longing by Rafi and Asha.
Rafi's masterful rendition of swaggering romance.
Rafi's silky ode of love at first sight.
Lata's poignant delivery of this philosophical number.
Melancholic 1950s love song with a beautiful, captivating melody.
Evocative philosophical number from the classic film Awaara that tugs at the heartstrings.
Talat Mahmood's signature piece with subtle sadness.
Nostalgic campus song with Kishore Kumar's sweet vocals etched in memory.

hindi classic song

Suraiya's heavenly voice is unforgettable.
Male-female duet classic with Mughal era style.
Lata handles the intricate emotions of unrequited love deftly.
Melody is mesmerizing and lyrics profound.
Philosophical number encouraging the pursuit of ideals.
Festive song spreading vibrancy and hope.
Upbeat song stylishly rendered by Talat Mahmood.
Soothing melody like the falling night.
Reflects social realities and conveys philosophy of life.
Talat Mahmood's signature piece in his mellifluous baritone.
Energetic, lively dance number.
Rhythmic like raindrops falling, delightful to hear.
Reminiscing the carefree days of youth.
Asha on the fleeting nature of love.
Kishore Kumar's self-deprecating fun song.
Kishore's philosophical ode to life's transience.
Kishore's passionate, unbridled classic.

hindi classic song

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