Top 8 weird jobs you've never heard of

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In prehistoric times, humans lived a leisurely life, working only 15-20 hours a week, hunting and collecting food. The situation is already very different. People work at least 40 hours a week, sometimes even twice as much. Many people work dull and stressed, and they seriously consider whether to change jobs. What kind of work is it? Here are some of the weirdest jobs on the market for your reference.

1. Smelly Tester

This work is only for those who are very sensitive to the sense of smell. The body odor sniffer is only part of this specialization field, and odor appraisers include professionals who can identify paper towels, bad breath, foot odor (or insoles), cat litter and diapers. The body odor sniffer works for the deodorant company. They have to stay in a hot room for several days, smelling more than 60 armpits per hour to determine the effectiveness of deodorants in controlling sweat, and writing reports on different deodorants. This job requires a good sense of smell and a spirit of willingness to smell. Their annual salary ranges from $19,000 to $52,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

2. Golf Ball Recycler

What happens if a golf ball rolls into a pond, lake or creek? They won't stay at the bottom forever, waiting to rot. Instead, golf divers will get them all back and get a good profit from them. Don't underestimate this work. A professional golf diver can pick up 800,000 balls a year (about 40 tons) and earn up to $100,000. But this job is also dangerous, such as a drowning accident or a crocodile attack, this is not a joke!

3. Farm Sperm Collector

It sounds a bit magical. But in order to carry out research or reproduction, some people rely on collecting sperm from cattle to make a living. The only way is to masturbate the cow. For the time being, we call these workers BM. They have three ways to get the job done, and each method has great risks. One is to insert an electronic probe called "rectal motor" into the bull's buttocks, which emits electricity to stimulate the bull. The second is to carefully place the artificial genitals under the bulls. The third is through old-fashioned manual stimulation. There is currently no salary information for this occupation.

4. Chicken Sexer

A large number of chickens are born every day in the chicken farm. They need to be classified according to their gender, because the female is used to lay eggs and the males are used for eating. Gender experts use two techniques to determine the sex of a chicken. One is through feather identification, when the female and male chicks are born, the feathers look different. Another more practical method is the anal identification method. After the chicken feces are squeezed out, they can see their sexual organs. Once you have determined the sex of the chicks, transport them separately to different destinations. This work requires two to three years of training, to be able to stand and concentrate for a long time, in addition to a gentle hand and good eyesight. Although the salary varies from place to place, this work is not very popular from the European and American standards. In the United States, the annual salary is about 20,000 US dollars, and the United Kingdom is 15,000 pounds. But in other countries, such as Brazil, people think this is a great job, and experienced gender evaluators earn $1,200 a month.

5. Pet Food Taster

The pet food taster will assess the nutritional value of the pet food and will also conduct a taste test to ensure that the pet food is delicious, rich in vitamins and minerals, and enhances immunity. The smell of pet food is also very important, no one will choose a food that exudes a strong fishy smell. The taster does not spend every day tasting the food that is suitable for pets. Like a professional sommelier, they will spit out after chewing and will not swallow it. Most of the time, the tasters are writing reports and brainstorming about how to add nutrients to new foods. The annual salary of US pet food tasters ranges from $34,000 to $117,000. Of course, you have to have a hard tooth.

6. Burning Manure Workers

For those who stay outdoors or at sea for a long time, it is very troublesome to go to the toilet, the toilet may not be used, and sometimes there is no toilet. So how should we deal with excreta? Several companies have invented a special toilet that can burn feces. But there must be a professional to manipulate the device to convert the feces into harmless, odorless, sterile ashes. They must use their noses to tell if the device is out of order. If there is an unpleasant smell, it must be a malfunction.

7. Chewing Gum Buster

From small to large, we inadvertently stick the chewed, chewed, saliva-sucking gum everywhere. Someday someone will come to clean up the mess. Chewing gum nemesis appears, and they clean up the city sidewalks, stadium seats, school corridors, and chewing gum at the bottom of the desk. In 1998, a Dutch chemist invented a machine that specialized in chewing gum. It took only 5 seconds to evaporate the gum, which made it easy to clean. Their annual salary is expected to be between $18,000 and $40,000.

8. Whale Manure Researcher

The dung of the whale is almost as big as their size. To find clues about the endangered North Atlantic right whale, researchers need to sort out a large number of whale feces, including pregnancy tests, genetics, hormones, and biotoxin levels. Researchers first have to find a whale group and wait for them to defecate. They are only about an hour away, otherwise the feces will soon sink to the bottom of the sea.

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