Believe or Not? This air conditioner does not need electricity and can be laid on the wall.

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Everyone need an air conditioner in summer. But people can't afford one in some area.

Whether you are at home or in the office, the air conditioner is open all day. Its electricity bill is expensive, and it is not environmentally friendly at all. So the industrial designer Maxime Louis-courcier used two new materials to propose a sustainable home appliance solution, in which the "woven air conditioner" can cool the room without electricity.

This "air conditioner", the outer layer of yarn is woven with a high thermal conductive composite yarn. Between the windings, a pipe made of phase change material (PCM) is placed, and the phase change material has been considered It is the best green material for energy conservation and environmental protection in the future.

The phase change material used in these pipes is a bio-based fatty acid that automatically melts at a certain temperature and absorbs heat when it melts.

Therefore, when the high thermal conductive composite yarn is in contact with the woven air conditioner made of PCM, the woven air conditioner will automatically absorb heat. When the indoor temperature reaches a certain high temperature, the PCM will melt and become transparent. When the air temperature is lowered, the original blue color is again Will recover back.

So you can also see the approximate state of the room temperature instantly through the change in color.

Another new material in the sustainable program is a "paper clay air humidifier" that assists in weaving air conditioners and enhancing the cool and cold air in the room.

In order to make a paper clay air humidifier, the designer also invited pottery artists and fluid mechanics engineers to participate in it. They combined it with natural clay materials and extruded it into a paper composite porous clay. The new material not only has improved water absorption properties, but also does not decompose in water.

When you fill the humidifier base, the paper clay will quickly absorb the water from the base, the surface of the filter coating will hide the scale, clean moisture will evaporate through the pores and make the room moist.

Its surface is also wavy, which maximizes surface area and makes moisture evaporation more efficient.

Compared with the classic humidifier, the paper clay air humidifier not only does not need to be plugged in, but also becomes more durable.

Equipped with a woven air conditioner, although there is no cold air blowing in the room, the moist and cool air can fill it.

In addition, the main color of the woven air conditioner and humidifier is white, so it can be integrated with the white wall of most rooms. The woven air conditioner can be hung on the wall, and the paper clay air humidifier can be placed in the corner.

At the beginning of the design, the inspiration for the engineer to make the woven air conditioner came from the ancient tapestry process. This time, I hope to use the new technology to make the household products play a more functional and decorative effect.

According to Maxime louis-courcier, the paper clay air humidifier adds about 200g of water to humidify a large room of 25 square meters per hour; each module of the woven air conditioner weighs 10 kilograms, and the three woven air conditioning modules are aligned and suspended. Get up and cool down a bedroom.

This project is also mainly about the thermal conductivity of new materials, heat transfer, and how the materials react when temperature changes. Through these studies, designers hope to make phase change materials truly applied to people's lives.

Now, these materials have been partially integrated into the structural insulation panels of buildings, and it is also a step closer to our daily lives through air conditioners and humidifiers.

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