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Now we often have the need of sharing files online for various purposes. In 5 years ago, sharing files with other people would mean a lot of copying and pasting, and fumbling around with USB sticks. but thanks to the rise of the web and faster broadband speeds, the same job can now be accomplished in just a few mouse clicks. The biggest advantage of using online file sharing sites is that your files can be shared with anyone securely via a download link. There are dozens of websites that one can use to share large files online. Here I suggest top 10 websites that can help you share big files free & securely.

If you need to share files with your friends, social tools to transfer files have certain limitations. For example, social networking files need to add friends first. Sharing files on the network disk will encounter expensive space for large files. If you just want to share files to your friends on a temporary basis, and don't want to sign up for an account, prefer to share files anonymously, then the following file sharing tools are worth using.

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer offers a free and paid sharing solution. The free solution supports uploading files up to 2GB. The server saves for 7 days (the files are automatically deleted after expiration).

WeTransfer In addition to the file sharing feature, random changes to the big picture of the website background are also attractive. WeTransfer provides two ways to share email and link. If you use the link method, you will generate a special share link after uploading the file to be shared, and send it to your friends to complete the download.

2. lokki.cloud

lokki.cloud is a free file transfer service that can be used when you open the website. No need to download or install software. The main purpose is to easily transfer files between any device. Lokki.cloud works very simple, no need to register or login account. After opening the website, you can get a set of randomly generated four-digit numbers, tell the other party to enter the lokki.cloud and the two parties will establish a connection, and you can transfer the files online.

Lokki.cloud features support for any file format, whether it is a photo or text file, the file will be transferred directly between the two devices, compared to most services that must be uploaded before downloading, 50% faster, the file will not be stored in lokki The .cloud server is completely free (although lokki.cloud considers placing ads on the site in the future).

3. Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a Web experiment project launched by Firefox Browser Foundation Mozilla. Since the uploaded files will be deleted automatically after 24 hours, it has the characteristics of similar burning.

The main interface of the Firefox Send website indicates the service features:

Sending a file over a secure, private, and encrypted link, the file will be completely erased from the web after the link expires; In order to ensure the stability of the service, it is recommended that the file size uploaded by the user does not exceed 1 GB (tested to support uploading files larger than 1 GB).

Firefox Send supports drag and drop file upload operations. During the upload process, the website will display the uploaded progress in a friendly manner with a percentage and circle graphic interface. Firefox Send does not need to register a login account, as long as the browser is not too late to complete the upload and download work. When the user uploads the file, it will automatically go to the file sharing page, and share the file quickly and easily with friends through the dedicated sharing link of Firefox Send. Users can also enable password-protected downloads and set file downloads on the sharing page to better ensure the security and privacy of the files.

Currently, Firefox Send has been officially open source on Github, and interested users can even build their own storage services.

4. Fileio

Fileio does not need to register an account, support uploading a single file up to 5GB in size, and officially provides an API development interface for developers to use its anonymous sharing service. File.io also has its own paid sharing solution, with free account support for up to 100 uploads per day + up to 5GB upload file size.

Fileio has two special features. First, the browser automatically starts downloading after opening the file sharing link, without waiting for the user to click the download button. Second, the file sharing button is one-time. After the friend finishes downloading the file, the link will be automatically Invalid.

5. SendAnywhere

SendAnywhere also supports uploading, sharing and downloading without downloading any client, but it still has better performance across platforms. It supports Windows, macOS and Linux. iOS, Android, Windows Phone The three major mobile platforms (WP still?), as well as Chrome, Outlook, Gmail, Wordpress, Slack and other tool platforms, the official also provides API development interface.

SendAnywhere has the following eye-catching performances without downloading any clients:

The main interface of the web site. The main interface gives a clear upload area and supports a single file up to 4GB in size. SendAnywhere also supports uploading multiple files at once and transferring up to 100GB of files.

Three ways to share. Support "6 digits key" + "QR code sharing" + "hyperlink sharing". Although I have not logged into the account of SendAnywhere, it still does not affect the use. After the file is uploaded, it will automatically generate QR code and exclusive super. Links, friends only need to open a hyperlink or directly scan the QR code to go to the file download page. SendAnywhere also provides a way to send emails, similar to the form of uploading with email attachments.

safety. If the user registers with the SendAnywhere account service, they can view and delete files that have been shared. In addition, for different sharing methods, SendAnywhere will set a certain sharing time. The sharing method of 6-digit key and QR code will be saved for 10 minutes. If it has not been received by any device within 10 minutes, this sharing will be invalid. , need to share again. The hyperlink sharing method will be saved for 48 hours, and the shared files can be downloaded multiple times within 48 hours.

6. Gett

A great feature of Gett is that after uploading the file, it supports fast sharing to the Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus social platforms. The instant statistics function can also help the sharer how many people have downloaded the shared file resources. If you are not registered to use the Gett service, the shared file link will be saved for 30 days, and you can save it for three months after registering for a free account.

Now, there are more secure file transfer solutions on the Internet: PGP + RAR Chinese encryption + volume compression + multi-channel block transfer, but for mass users, this type of solution has some difficulty. The above recommended file sharing tool solves the anonymous secure transfer sharing file. If you are looking for a tool that can solve the temporary transfer of files to your friends, I hope one of the above meets your needs.

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