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Since the Windows system is currently the most used, it is often an arrow, and there will be new viruses in the third, so that the friends using Windows will be out of the situation, so the first thing after installing the system is done. Is to install anti-virus software to prevent computer poisoning and affect the working time. Although the current anti-virus software is quite a lot, but the most common installation is not a small red umbrella is AVG, the reason is very simple because it is free.

   Everyone knows that the most expensive is free, but it is not a free thing. The well-known anti-virus software Kaspersky, now also has a free version, and will automatically update the virus code, and even better, the protection function. There is not a small one, so the computer has not installed anti-virus friends, Kaspersky Kaspersky 2019 traditional version of the anti-virus software, do not miss it.

Advantages of Kaspersky 2019:

1. Anti-Malware

As a world-leading provider of anti-malware technology, Kasperky offers signature based, proactive and cloud based solutions that provide your business with even better defences against existing, new and emerging threats.

2. Security for files

Shared storage offers many advantages, but one infected file can spread malware across your business network. Kaspersky offers anti-malware protection for your file servers, helping your business benefit from shared storage without any security risks.

3. Secure Internet Access

Kaspersky provides anti-malware protection that secures the web traffic flowing through your Internet gateways. By removing malicious programmes and providing secure Internet access, Kaspersky ensures your employees can work more productively.

How to get a free copy of Kaspersky 2019?

Kaspersky provides a free copy to some area from time to time. Just click the following link to check out whether your area are in the list.

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