The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO Mod APK 00.40.05 (Remove ads Mod speed)

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The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO Mod APK 00.40.05 (Remove ads Mod speed)
AppThe Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO
Publisherimpossible apps
GenreRole Playing
Mod InfoRemove ads Mod speed
Latest Version00.40.07
Size213.76 MB
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The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO Mod APK 00.40.05 Description

Save the kingdom, crush the enemies! Join forces with other players in a MMORPG style and clash against spooky legends like Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and many more.Enter the arena and battle with other players for victory and glory. Use the best strategy against each kind of enemy. Explore a huge world map with hidden locations and objects for collection.The enemies are racing to your castle. Don't let them destroy your kingdom!You start as an apprentice and you can choose among five different classes: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Thief and Acolyte!You can play this game either online or offline, you choose what is best for you! You can also play with all the action or leave it idle (AFK)!FEATURES:⭐️ Customize your character (skin color, hair, eyes, mouth, etc)⭐️ Equipments (hundreds of different equipments)⭐️ Skills (several different skills for each class)⭐️ Missions (main quests, monters hunting, item collect and daily tasks)⭐️ Catalog (monsters, maps, scrolls, equipments, pets and cards)⭐️ Inventory (consumables, equipments, loot and cards)⭐️ Leaderboards (power, level, medals, etc)⭐️ Crafting (weapons, armors, shields, helmets, etc)⭐️ Bosses (epic and legendary)⭐️ Events (daily and weekly events)⭐️ PvP (player vs player)⭐️ Party (join forces with other heroes against powerful bosses)⭐️ Pets (tame and collect them)⭐️ Multiple characters in the same account⭐️ Special monster buff cards⭐️ Huge world mapCLASSES:⚔️ Warrior: a tank character that uses a sword and a shield freely‍♂️ Mage: a magical character with skills as its main source of damage Archer: a ranged character with low health but a very high damage‍♂️ Thief: a melee character with high damage and a high flee rate Acolyte: a support character with both magical and physical capabilitiesJoin our Discord to stay up to date with the latest news: to start? Play this autobattler online for free!This game is in beta, some features might still be incomplete or missing.

The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO Mod APK 00.40.05 - Remove ads

Enhance your gaming experience and bid farewell to annoying ads with the mod apk of The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO. By simply downloading this incredible version, you can unlock a plethora of exciting rewards as you progress through the game while enjoying uninterrupted gameplay without any distractions. Say goodbye to the frustration caused by in-game advertisements by downloading the mod apk now. With this astounding version, you'll have the ability to effortlessly skip ads and unlock a variety of rewards, taking your gaming experience to extraordinary heights. As a dedicated fan of The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO, ensure that you seize this opportunity to enhance your gameplay. Take your gaming experience to an entirely new level by downloading the mod apk. Indulge in seamless gameplay without the hassle of pesky ads, and also have the chance to earn occasional rewards that will make the game more accessible and enjoyable for all players. There's no need to wait any longer, start enhancing your gaming experience today.

The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO Mod APK 00.40.05 - Mod speed

The realm of gaming has just been revolutionized with the introduction of the The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO game speed changer. This innovative mod takes gameplay to a whole new level by allowing players to personalize the game speed. With the ability to adjust the game code, the speed changer mod modifies the game timer and frame rate, achieving the desired speed change. However, it's important to note that using the The Walking Hero -Idle RPG MMO speed changer mod requires a certain level of technical knowledge. Players must have expertise in accurately adjusting the game timer in order to find the perfect balance. It's crucial to proceed with caution as going too fast or too slow can result in errors and disrupt the equilibrium of the game. Once mastered, the speed changer mod opens up a world of opportunities for players. It becomes a valuable tool for completing tasks more efficiently and achieving higher scores. Additionally, it provides assistance in conquering challenging game levels that may seem impossible without it. Embrace the speed changer mod and witness the increased efficiency it brings to your gaming experience. Enjoy gameplay to the fullest by taking advantage of this innovative feature. However, it is always important to proceed with caution to ensure a seamless gaming experience and avoid any negative consequences. Safely navigate through the speed bumps and unlock new possibilities in the realm of gaming.

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