Amazing! Indoor zoo is sweeping China quickly.

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Mr Zoo, a small indoor zoo team from China, has completed three rounds of financing this year, seed round, angel round and Pre-A round. The three rounds of financing are mainly used for team building and the rapid expansion of standard stores. This team accurately captures the combination of zoo + parent-child + business super-new retail, which will provide customers with a new consumption and parent-child experience.

Sweeping China in 2 years

The indoor zoo originated in the past two years. It has also start sweeping all big cities of China. According to media statistics, as of this year, 34 stores have opened in the country.

interactive experience of participants

The fundamental reason for the rise of indoor zoos is that the traditional urban science education scenes in traditional cities are too single and can no longer meet the needs of consumers. The site selection of the small animal yuan is in the shopping center, the density is higher, the touch reaches a lower limit; the indoors are less affected by the weather and the season. After the visit, consumers can continue to watch movies, shop, and experience lighter; small animal yuan Redesign all service links and emphasize the interactive experience of participants.

small in size, efficient in management

Compared with other zoos, a small animal element has a smaller area, and the standard store has only 600-800 square meters. There are 150 kinds of small animals in a single venue, which are divided into six major scenes: marine area, cave area, jungle area, rain forest area, wet area and farm area. Because indoor venues do not have the ability to cherish animal protection and breeding, they do not involve protective animals, but rather are small animals that are not aggressive, pet-friendly, and more topical.

It is worth mentioning that the small animal body full-site bio-box uses the intelligent and intelligent Internet of Things system. The Internet-based automatic breeding ratio is over 70%. The number of people in each venue is only 2, and the monthly biological loss rate is less than 5. %, it is reported that the industry average is between 25-30%.

short investment period, high return rate

In the profit model, different from other animal theme parks "exhibition + catering + gifts" mode, the small animal yuan is "science + music + IP", of which non-admission ticket revenue accounted for about 50%. The non-admission ticket income here includes peripheral derivatives, music activities and membership services.

According to the information provided by the Mr. Z00 team, the gross profit rate of the small animal Yuandian store is above 50%, generally 7-9 months can be returned, the penetration rate of the residents around the single store is 10-15%, and the 11 stores opened this year are covered in total. The number of residents is around 4.1 million. The store is mainly 3 km old family members aged 3-7, and the repurchase rate is 30%. However, the team said that compared with the repurchase rate, it will pay more attention to user stickiness, and the goal is to achieve a recall rate of 60%.

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