Do You Have Back to School Syndrome? How to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety & Stress?

Depressed mood, flustered, unreasonable temper tantrums, lack of concentration... Have you been caught by these "back-to-school syndromes"? How should students switch from "Vacation Mode" to "School Mode" when school starts? How to alleviate the "back-to-school syndrome"?

The holidays are coming to an end, and the new semester is about to begin. In order to better adapt to the study life and prevent the "back-to-school syndrome", everyone should use this time to adjust the rhythm of life and study, so that they can enter the study mode better and faster in the new semester.

Back-to-school syndrome is referred to as a series of symptoms such as laziness, weakness, and sleep disturbance after the exam.

back to school anxiety stress


Adjust your work and rest, gradually restore regular work and rest time, and don't oversleep.


Arrange time reasonably, set study and entertainment time, and keep yourself in a positive state.


Exercise appropriately to restore physical function through activities such as running and walking.


Improve your diet, eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins, and improve your energy.


Participate in campus activities, integrate into the collective, and enrich life.


Listen some motivational music to get positive energy


Set short-term goals to keep yourself motivated.

girl feel anxiety and depressed worrying about back to school

There must be a sense of ceremony in the heart. Whether the school starts or is on holiday, there will be a sense of ceremony, such as holding opening ceremonies, end-of-school ceremonies, awarding various honors, opening new year plans, etc., all to create a sense of ceremony, so that everyone can adapt psychologically, be prepared, There is hope. We can also arrange some ceremonial activities ourselves, such as inviting family members to have dinner together and announcing the end of the holiday. Go to the school with your classmates to learn about the environment around the campus, adjust your status quickly, and welcome the new study life.

We need to adjust our schedule as soon as possible to be in line with school time. During the holidays, we may spend a lot of time playing games, playing mobile phones, going to bed late at night, and getting up late in the morning. From now on, go to bed early and get up early, and return to your normal routine. Do not watch too many TV programs before going to bed, so as not to be too excited. You can increase reading and listen to soothing music.

We also have to adjust our eating habits. During the holidays, we all develop the habit of keeping snacks and drinks in our hands, and there is no normal three-meal rule. After the festival, drinks and snacks should be put away as soon as possible, and the diet should gradually return to normal, pay attention to balanced nutrition, and ensure the intake of protein and various nutrients.

Properly buy some stationery to increase interest in learning. By purchasing some books related to the new semester, you can learn about the knowledge points of the new semester in advance, and cultivate curiosity and interest in future studies in advance.

The new semester is coming, we shall be ready to back to school. Try to be as enthusiastic as the sun, as tolerant as the sea, as free as the sky, and as peaceful as the forest. Let's put aside our burdens, stay optimistic, show our best selves, and welcome a new journey!

girl feel anxiety and depressed worrying about back to school

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