Encrypted cat game parent company Dapper Labs completed $11 million in financing

@goodace Sep 17, 2019 268790 views cryptokitties ethernet bitcoin

Dapper Labs, the parent company of CryptoKitties encryption cat games, has secured $11 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Other investors include Warner Warner, Union Square Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Venrock and Accomplice.

'Ethernet and other Layer 1 smart contract platforms are implementing scalable trading networks – such as payments. Decentralized games and encrypted collections have different requirements for the scalability of blockchains. These problems are solved fundamentally. Therefore, Dapper created Flow to extend the decentralized game to tens of millions of users.'

If big brands like Warner Warner and the NBA want to get involved and bring their fans in, the collection industry needs a specially constructed blockchain.

Dapper Labs completed $12 million in financing in 2018 and allowed it to be spun off from its parent company, Axiom Zen. Subsequent completion of 15 million US dollars in financing from VC Cash.

Ethereum has also been slowly meeting the growing demand for network capacity. At the same time, if Ethereum encounters setbacks in becoming a world computer, other smart contract blockchains such as Kadena, EOS and Harmony will also attract these users. Flow is also the latest company to join the ranks, but the first emphasis is on the collection industry.

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