Top 9 rules that lead new startups die faster

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In recent years, there have been a lot of startups, and most of the founders are very good. They can get money and start a business. Not only does it mean that some of his personal abilities are recognized by capital, but also means that he has to bear the pressure of economy, society, family, business and so on. But in the middle, there are not many who can really survive. Most companies are short for half a year and long for 1.5 years. Why are so many startups dead before they start running?

1. The founding team lacks core business skills

A closer look at the founder's background experience reveals that many founders have little practical experience in the industry.

Many founders seem to be arguing about problem-solving issues, but they are actually blank in terms of business resources, marketing, or education.

For the founders of inter-banks, we admire their courage. They may succeed, but after all, there are still many gaps from professional players, and it will take a long time to make up for their shortcomings.

2. Do what you like, not what your business needs.

Many bosses always do what they like, without considering whether the user needs it or whether the business itself needs it.

When selecting a partner, he did not choose someone with a particularly strong business ability, but instead chose someone who could talk to him.

3. Leader's responsibility is not clear

The role of the founder: to find someone, find money, find directions. Because of the different business areas, sometimes the founder is personally responsible for product, technology or market resources.

But in fact, the founders of most companies stayed in the office all day, behind closed doors, and imagined themselves.

4. The founder has everything in charge

Some bosses even spend a day on their own and write a pr draft. I will go to the classmates who will guide the operation of the event. What should and should be done for this activity.

You will find that a boss who has only partial experience will suddenly design, meet products, select products, deliver, and train. In short, as long as the company has business, he will.

Being a boss is responsible for the company's business, but doing so will make many employees unable to adapt.

5. Dear boss, you are always right

We must admit that as a boss, we must have extraordinary skills, professional experience, social resources and senior experience.

But this does not mean that the boss is right. Although, we did what the boss meant, and ultimately there was no good result.

6. Boss's friends are always right.

When you report a plan in front of the boss, the boss often denies your thoughts or questions your data.

But then he will tell you that this is what he said to a friend when he attended an event. Or he will tell you that his friend said that your business plan for this month is wrong and you have to do it.

7. New ideas, new models come every day!

Many companies have reached a certain stage, while focusing on their core business, they must diversify their business (always related to their core business) in order to maintain their continued growth.

In actual work, if you always fantasize, constantly disrupt the plan of operation, and waste the manpower of operation.

8. Super high goals

I also told my teammates that I dare to dare to do it, not to be afraid of difficulties. But this does not mean that it is unrealistic to set goals for yourself and the team.

9. Focus on growth KPI only

Many bosses often grow their business, give them to some departments, or one or two business managers.

I have never imagined that technical product design activities can be left alone, but the market alone cannot be left alone. If so, what about your founder? These two students who are marketers can go out and do it themselves.

The reason for writing this article is not to encourage everyone to vomit. After all, you will find that students who often complain, negate, and carry negative energy are hard to make breakthroughs and achievements.

But all of the above are real problems that many startups will have, and they are repeated over and over again. There must be a problematic enterprise and an employee with insufficient capacity. But a successful business must face these entry-level issues.

Then the company has problems, how should you do an employee and share it with you next time.

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