Sluggish Yet Terrifying Roller Coaster - You Will Never Forget If Tried Once

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Most roller coasters rely on their speed, sharp turns and steep slopes to raise the adrenaline level of the occupants, while Japan's Okayama Prefecture has a foot-driven roller coaster SkyCycle, which proves that the roller coaster may be even more terrible at low speeds.

SkyCycle is located on the tree-lined hills of Mt. Yushan Mountain in Okayama Prefecture, probably the slowest roller coaster in the world. This is because the SkyCycle is driven by the foot pedal, so it is at the same speed as the rider pedals. In addition, it does not have any steep slopes or amazing drops, but still manages to keep your little heart pounding by constantly conveying a disturbing sense of danger and uncertainty.

Although this thing looks like a novelty alternative for those who are too afraid of a traditional roller coaster, once you take one of those fragile cars and realize that there is no prevention other than a loose seat belt. After the safety measures of your own fall, your pulse will start to jump.

In appearance, the SkyCycle is nothing more than a fragile side-by-side tandem bicycle connected to a metal track about 50 feet (15 meters) from the ground. If you have enough courage to do it alone, you may feel that the body is tilting towards you, which is even more exciting. Considering that no safety rails or any other device can prevent you from falling apart from a simple seat belt, it can be terrible when strong winds occur.

This unusual playground facility became popular online a few years ago and benefited from a video clip: the metal pillar that supported the SkyCycle track was in desperate need of painting work. These pillars appear to be rusty, and although the loss only occurs on the surface, it is not a reassuring sign for the occupant. Although these pillars now look much better, the ride itself is still terrible.

It takes about three minutes to ride the SkyCycle, but it may make you feel like you have lived for a lifetime. If you can take your eyes off the metal track as you approach the end of the track, you will enjoy one of the most fascinating views of Okayama Prefecture: the charming island of the Seto Inland Sea and the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

All in all, if the fast and sharp roller coaster no longer poses any challenges for you, maybe you can try this very slow roller coaster.

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