The easiest way to get a mobile number for free. Including US, Canada, Netherlands, and more!

Ring4 is a free mobile app. Its main function is to generate a foreign mobile phone number. You can receive or send a text message through the app, and you can answer or make a call. It is similar to the operation of a normal mobile phone, except that it is Take the network transmission, so you need to have internet connection (whether 4G or Wi-Fi).

Ring4 currently generates mobile phone number countries including the United States (+1), Canada (+1), the Netherlands (+31), Belgium (+32), Austria (+43) and the United Kingdom (+44), except the United States and Canada. Manually select the area number, and the rest of the country can only randomly select the door number.

Strictly speaking, Ring4 is not a free service, but at the beginning of the registration will give 20 points, 20 points can already use a set of 14 days, which is very useful for receiving newsletters.

1 Download Ring4 from the Apple App Store

Open the App Store and search for "Ring4" or connect directly to the Ring4 official website to find the download link and download the app to your iPhone or iPad.

2 Registering a Ring4 account Open the Ring4 app and you'll see a short introduction to the features. The best thing about this program is that you can quickly generate numbers between your fingers, and you'll get 20 free points in the first place. Click the button below to sign in with Facebook or Google Account.

3 Apply for a new mobile number

Open the main screen and click on "Create New Number" below to generate a new temporary mobile number.

Only the United States and Canada can choose the gate number of a specific area code. The rest of the countries can only pick the number randomly. It should be noted that if you choose the random number (Random), it only takes 10 points, which is a way to save points.

4 Accept SMS and make a call

The number you have and the remaining time can be dialed to the other door number (of course, deducted points) through the "Dial" at the bottom, and you can also send and receive SMS messages from "Messages". It's quite interesting that if you have a lot of Ring4 numbers at the same time, you can also choose the number you want to call when you make a call.

5 Friendly Notice Finally, I have to remind you that although Ring4 is a free app, you must deduct points for the door number, extended usage time, etc. (20 points will be given at the beginning of registration), and the points can be obtained free of charge by inviting friends. You can also use the app's built-in payment function to purchase credits. For those who want a foreign mobile phone number, Ring4 is a convenient way to apply without any identity authentication or paper. It may be better to plug in. The SIM card is stable, but at least it's a solution, especially if you want to put multiple door numbers in one phone.

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